Business Management Technology

Business management technology integrates the disciplines of engineering and science along with management and business training to prepare leaders for the fields of science and technology. Companies are seeking STEM-advanced business leaders who can also master the art and science.

Technology leaders today are under pressure to meet new expectations regarding agility, fluidity and transparency. They must also demonstrate how their work aligns themselves with the business strategy. This requires a new approach that allows the ability to create value, not review just to preserve it. This is why so many organizations are turning towards technology business management (TBM).

TBM is a discipline that offers a system for comprehensive monitoring, planning, and billing, budgeting, benchmarking and optimizing the entire IT portfolio across all delivery and development models. It helps finance and tech leaders to comprehend the actual effects of technological changes and ensures that the investments they make are matched to their objectives and the strategy of the organization.

The program is available at both COTC campuses and online. It can be combined with a business associate degree to obtain a Bachelor’s degree through our 2+2 program. This program is designed to prepare students for entry level management, supervisory and administrative trainee jobs in the service and production industries. It is a balanced curriculum that teaches a comprehensive and practical approach to the tasks of business operations including human resources, marketing management, supervision and leadership. It also provides a comprehensive general education curriculum and a variety of electives.

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