Board Decision Papers

Board decision papers are written materials that allow board members to fulfill their oversight responsibilities and make informed decisions on company matters. They must be concise and informative, with a clear summary as well as annexes.

Directors can be assisted in make the right choices through discussing alternatives analysis, a review of key metrics and research findings and an understanding of the operating environment that has informed their view. They can also think about an experiment on the effect of different options on the business. It is also beneficial to explain how management came up with the best option. This could involve describing the various options that were considered, or a summary of the pros and cons of each option, as well in describing how the suggested approach was rated on various factors.

Board documents should be written in a formal style that is free of jargon and legalese. This will help keep the information current and easily accessible to all directors. Charts and graphs can be used to summarise data and information trends and break up large blocks of text. It’s recommended to read the paper out in front of your peers or colleagues to assess clarity and ensure that the key issues are communicated. If any further clarification is required it’s usually better to ask questions, feedback, or alternative perspectives from the board.

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