What is Web3? The Decentralized Internet of the Future Explained

Web3 promises to transform the experience of being online as dramatically as PCs and smartphones did. Some companies have entered the space only to face a backlash over the environmental impact and financial speculation (and potential for fraud) that comes with Web3 projects. And while blockchain is offered as a solution to privacy, centralization, and financial exclusion concerns, it has created new versions of many of these problems.

Williamsburg Pizza in New York City launches a Web3-based loyalty … – Nation’s Restaurant News

Williamsburg Pizza in New York City launches a Web3-based loyalty ….

Posted: Tue, 24 Oct 2023 19:00:54 GMT [source]

Full stack development is software with both client side and server side. Learning full stack Solana development is important to practice your Solana development skills but also to build more complex Web3 projects that can carry out many different kinds of tasks. This tutorial covers some interesting concepts like program derived addresses and cross-program invocation.

Advanced: Learn to Create Smart Contracts

Borrowing and lending money in Web3 is a basic function that developers who wish to enter the DeFi space should be familiar with. Learning how to borrow and lend money on the blockchain is incredibly useful for more complex DeFi projects. ERC-20 tokens are a fundamental part of Web3 development on Ethereum and they are often used as a building block in more complex Web3 development projects. Whether you’re looking for an NFT tutorial, how to create a smart contract on Ethereum, and much more, here’s what you need to know about the best Web3 tutorials.

Because blockchain data is all completely public and open, purchasers have complete transparency over what is happening. This is in contrast to buying equity in private or centralized businesses where many things are often cloaked in secrecy. For many web2 companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others, more data leads to more personalized ads. The exploitation and centralization of user data is core to how the web as we know and use it today is engineered to function.

What is a Web3 Tutorial?

Web3 still has familiar websites and apps—from social media and streaming services, to news outlets, financial tools, and more. But it’s also more open, with no Big Tech (or government) playing gatekeeper. This also means that how you connect to Web3 is fundamentally different.

According to the ERC-721 (NFT) spec, a deployed token must have a corresponding URL that provides JSON metadata. This JSON endpoint, which we’ve built with Cloudflare Workers, returns a name and description for each unique NFT, as well as an image. To host this image, we’ve used Infura to pin the service, and Cloudflare IPFS Gateway to serve it. Our NFT identifies the content via its hash, making it not replaceable with something different in the future. Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain with smart contract functionalities.


As a result, you will be able to master Web3 development markedly quicker. The speed and simplicity that Moralis brings to the table make it an essential part of your blockchain development. Furthermore, by learning to use this Web3 development platform, you are not risking anything. Since Moralis is all about cross-chain interoperability, it enables you to deploy your dApps across all supported chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche. When you connect to DApps on Web3, you’re communicating back and forth with nodes that are independently owned. Contrast this with Web 2.0 where you communicate back and forth with servers that have centralized ownership behind closed doors.

When Can You Start Using Web3

Courses help aspiring web3 devs to go deep on a particular topic by learning from experienced instructors. There are free and paid web3 developer courses, and while each bootcamp varies in the amount of prerequisite knowledge required, they quickly level up your developer skills. Starring repositories allows you to get notifications whenever new code is pushed, which helps you stay up-to-date on the latest developments. You can also browse through code to see how experienced developers solve problems.

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The next important dependency in web3.js refers to the Infura RPC URL. You would need access to an Ethereum node for connecting an Ethereum node and JSON-RPC on the mainnet. The first method would refer to the use of Geth or Parity for running your own Ethereum node. However, it also implies the necessity of downloading significant amounts of data from the blockchain network for maintaining synchronization. One example is the app Radicle (a decentralized GitHub alternative) which allows stakeholders to participate in the governance of their project.

When Can You Start Using Web3

Decentralization is the heart of Web3, and it’s all about putting control of the Internet into the hands of the people who use it and contribute to it, rather than Big Tech companies. A server—which is really just another computer—physically houses the stuff on the Internet. When you access online services, sites, or apps, you’re communicating back and forth with the servers where they live. The Internet is home to millions of websites and apps, all of which are just a click away on devices like smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and other Internet-ready gadgets.

Creating a Wallet Application Using web3.js v4 and ReactJS

This is the simplest way to get involved in Web3 gaming development. Finally, you’ll be ready to build a medieval metaverse game or a Web3 MMORPG with Unity. React Native is another strong argument as to why JS and its popular library React is an excellent starting point. They also open up doors to start developing React Native Web3 apps and, in turn, target mobile users. As such, your goal should be to take on as many example projects as possible.

When Can You Start Using Web3

Moreover, Web3 is sustained by increasingly powerful hardware like smart glasses. Many solutions providers are leveraging Web3 and Metaverse technology to provide consumer and enterprise-grade solutions going into 2023. If no one could be blocked from the internet, web 3.0 development solutions that would be egalitarian in theory, but the spread of harmful misinformation and hate speech would need to be controlled in some way. Since the internet we have now is already so bad at controlling these issues, it’s hard to say if Web3 would be better or worse.

Important Dependencies in Web3.js

Web3.py makes this test provider available via EthereumTesterProvider. Web3 reverses that, dividing the power from these companies into users and creators. Today big companies own our data and make a profit from it, in the world of web3, no data owner, its community and this may be due to blockchain. In addition, we also recommend learning TypeScript (TS), especially if you want to focus on using React. As such, we are already implementing everything that’s required to fully support that programming language with Moralis.

  • According to the ERC-721 (NFT) spec, a deployed token must have a corresponding URL that provides JSON metadata.
  • Learning from developers with more experience saves lots of time and effort because they can help you avoid common mistakes and oversights.
  • This video will show you how to use utilities included with Web3.js and several cool bonus tips and tricks.
  • When you access online services, sites, or apps, you’re communicating back and forth with the servers where they live.

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