What Is a Cross-Game?

When watching any type of media, it is easy for viewers to form expectations based upon the past. This can lead to an uneasy feeling when a show doesn’t meet expectations. This isn’t the case with Cross Game, a shounen which demonstrates that a captivating story can be found even in a simple story of romance and baseball.

The main characters in the show are all memorable including the four street sisters to Ko’s best pal Daiki. This small ensemble is what makes the whole show so memorable that they can bring an air of authenticity and atmosphere to every scene that they are in. Their characterization also allows them to handle the themes of love and death easily and create a deeper impression than you’d think of from a standard shonen.

What is it that makes Cross Game really stand out is the fact that it understands the best place to focus its attention. While the characters are well developed, there is little drama or twists that occur in every episode. This gives the viewers the chance to enjoy the development of relationships without being distracted by the need for emotional tension or a plot that constantly tries to surprise readers with new twists and cliffhangers. The fact that it is able to avoid these pitfalls is the reason why Cross Game so wonderful, and it’s something that the genre could use more of.


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