The Best Online Payroll Services for 2023

best payroll solutions for small businesses

For more guidance, read our in-depth article on how to find the right payroll management solution. If you want to learn more about payroll processes, our Ultimate Payroll Guide can get you started. Get more in-depth guidance by reading our article on how to find payroll software that meets your needs. If you aren’t using Wave’s accounting program, though, most of the other picks on this list will give you more payroll and HR features for less. In contrast, ADP, which outsources its insurance integrations, charges an extra fee on top of the premium. Ditto Paychex, which does have an in-house insurance team but still charges extra for insurance add-ons.

  • Read more about each one above or in their in-depth reviews (linked above) to get a better sense of how they differ and which one might be best for you.
  • Square Payroll – basic but practical

    While it may not bristle with quite as many bells and whistles as some of its payroll counterparts, Square Payroll is mighty handy.

  • By selecting software that syncs with your time and attendance tools, you won’t need to enter hours manually each pay cycle.
  • Enrollment is generally quick, offering an employee self-serve portal to streamline your payroll processes.

On top of that there are compensation management and performance management tools. Uzio – Transparent pricing and no hidden fees

Pick from a range of payroll packages that can be tailored to suit your business. Payroll from $4.50/month per employee + $30pm or sign up today to get the benefit of a 30-day free trial. This cloud-based package does need to be tailored to fit your business, which means there are no off-the-shelf pricing options available. If you plump for this package you can run Payroll and Patriot deals with the payroll taxes side of things. Opt for the cheaper basic payroll edition and you’ll need to handle payroll and payroll taxes yourself.

How does free payroll software work?

Time tracking follows suit with more on the features front, including payroll syncing, automatic calculation of overtime and hours plus PTO tracking. It also delivers customized policies and there are multiple accrual methods. If you’re looking for a combination of payroll and time management software, with a worker’s comp insurance package also included Hourly is well worth investigating. It’s already doing a decent job of rivalling the likes of Gusto and OnPay, with two plan options including Time Tracking, Payroll or a combination package that includes both. A free payroll software is an application that automatically calculates wages, deductions and taxes to determine each employee’s net pay.

We also preferred the layout of specific reporting tools or dashboards because they offered an intuitive experience for users. Not all providers have mobile-friendly websites or support mobile payroll processing. Likewise, some employee mobile apps were more straightforward to use than others. In addition to payroll processing, Wave offers other financial tools, often for free.

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For federal, state, and local tax filings, businesses need to upgrade to the Full Service plan at $37 per month. The full plan also guarantees tax filing accuracy, offering businesses another layer of protection. However, a downside is that Patriot doesn’t offer any HR and benefits services. Founded in 1971, Paychex is a trusted name in the payroll and HR space. Paychex Flex is their online payroll services solution designed specifically for small businesses. With three pricing plans, it’s straightforward for business owners to find the right solution for their needs.

  • Users choose the modules they want, making it easy for companies of any size to assemble a system that meets their needs.
  • Additionally, using a payroll service has other big advantages over running payroll manually, like greater accuracy and compliance, as mentioned earlier.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of reviews on G2 and Capterra, but those who left positive feedback said it has a user-friendly platform and a helpful and responsive support team.
  • It comes to the platform along with accounting, invoicing and payment processing for small businesses—replacing a laundry list of tools for many entrepreneurs.
  • You can use Rippling payroll on its own, but to get the most out of Rippling, you’ll want its comprehensive employee management platform.

And if you make a mistake, you can cancel payroll provided it’s within the cancellation window. Self-payroll software ranges from free to $20 monthly plus $0 to $6 per employee per month. Payroll4Free, Patriot Software and Wave Payroll all offer do-it-yourself tax filing payroll software. Full-service payroll systems range from $29 to $45 monthly plus $4 to $6 per employee for base plans. However, free payroll apps typically only work for small companies with fewer than 20 or 25 employees and contract workers. Most free services do not automate payroll tax filing, although they may provide tax forms or offer paid add-on services.

Payroll Reports:

Rippling and Zenefits offer similar standard customer support options with various pros and cons. For example, Rippling users must pay an additional fee to access phone support —  a feature included in Zenefits’ plans. However, some user reviews say Zenefits can be slow to respond at times. We like that both vendors offer online resources and the option to upgrade to priority support.

If payroll pricing is your top priority, we can’t recommend Patriot Payroll highly enough. With a monthly base price of just $17 plus $4 per employee, Patriot Payroll’s self-service plan is one of the cheapest out there. If you want a few more features, you How to Start Your Own Bookkeeping Startup can add HR assistance starting at $6 a month and time and attendance integration at the same price. Users who left Paychex Flex reviews online said that it is generally easy to use. Some said that its wide range of solutions helps simplify HR management.

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