Operational and Strategic Management Tasks

Operational management tasks are all the routine processes of implementing goals and procedures. They allow your business to run more efficiently, and permit you to provide high-quality products to your customers. These include processes like production and supply chain management as well as scheduling. They also include resourcing, inventory control, and inventory control. Operational management focuses on executing the strategies defined by strategic management.

Strategic management requires broader concepts and visions that are more high-level, which’s why it’s usually conducted by higher-level management positions like the CFO, CEO, or founder. It also takes into account the branding, ideals and the company’s work ethics and mission.

When a leader in a company decides on the overall direction of an organization, they will likely look to their operations management team for specific tactics and strategies. They will be more detailed, which makes them easier to implement and adapt in the future. For instance, a management plan might include the idea that a business must be more environmentally friendly and use recycled materials in their packaging. The operational management might be concerned about the logistics of obtaining this material and shifting to an electric vehicle for shipping.

Modern businesses must be prepared to adapt to unexpected and sudden changes that could make their existence a risk. Regulations and global trade barriers are examples of possible challenges that are beyond the company’s control. In these circumstances an effective operations manager has to perform risk analysis and mitigation to prepare for the most severe scenarios.

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