How to Throw the Best Summer BBQ Party

When it comes to cookout sides, you can’t go wrong with serving the essential summer trio, by which we mean pasta salad, potato salad, and a crunchy green salad. Whether you’re holding a family BBQ, having your friends round for a chill evening of grilling and good times, or throwing a full on summer BBQ party, we’re here to show you how to have the best BBQ party. From fun ideas to the best food and drinks to serve, we’re going to make sure your BBQ is the envy of the whole street. It’s one of the only meats aside from chicken nuggets I can get them to eat…and thank goodness for that!

Now that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that it is safe gather with vaccinated loved ones, there’s no time like the present to put together one of your famous cookouts. In fact, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the curve, since so many events, trips, and plans have been pushed to this summer. After a year without any in-person celebrations, you can anticipate that this coming season will be absolutely packed with them. What flies in North Carolina won’t look even remotely familiar in Texas, where beef brisket is usually slow-cooking on the grill. Once you have the method down, you can apply it to any burger recipe, including vegetarian black bean burgers and mushroom veggie burgers.

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These games are great for kids and adults and having them on hand adds another element of fun to our parties. With locations all across NYC—from the East Village and Gowanus, Brooklyn, to Forest Hills, Queens and Yankee Stadium in the Bronx–Mighty Quinn’s unites the barbecue traditions of both Texas and the Carolinas. Pitmaster how to survive summer parties and boozy bbqs Hugh Mangum’s quest for the ultimate harmony between smoke, flavor, and time shines in his menu that includes all of the staples like Brisket, Pulled Pork, and Burnt Ends. One of the signature items here is the Brontosaurus Rib, a slow-smoked short rib that weighs in at almost a full pound of on-the-bone meat.

how to survive summer parties and boozy bbqs

Plus, experimenting with recipes allows you to make your own signature drink your friends will request year after year. Think drinks – Again, consider old fav s verses new and exotic. Consider how many people will attend and how well you know them. If you have a handful of microbrew aficionados, you know what to do. Run by husband-and-wife owners Jeff Lutonsky and Meghan Love, Mable’s Smokehouse is an authentic roadside barbecue restaurant named after Lutonsky’s grandma, who he grew up cooking with at his mom’s restaurant in Oklahoma. Here, the popular sliced Brisket is lean with just the right amount of fat, and smoky to the point where sauce is not required (though the tangy but sweet house sauce with vinegar is quite good).

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However, if you’re trying to stay sober at summer BBQs it can be hard to imagine what those days might look like. The first step is to plan in advance how you’d like the day to go. Being mentally prepared to be around alcohol is often an important factor in staying in control. You can plan to bring non-alcoholic drinks with you so that you can still have the feeling of a cold drink in your hands. And finally, remember that you can always opt-out if you’re feeling uncomfortable. Hopefully, you’ll be able to have fun at summer BBQs without having to compromise your goals of staying sober.

  • The quality has always been high, with a much more aggressive drink program than most barbecue spots, including shots of premium whiskies.
  • We understand the allure of a juicy burger, but there is a hierarchy when it comes to hamburgers.
  • “Individual apps, such as a cup with a dip at the bottom with carrot and celery sticks, are a great choice,” she says.

Royal Rib NYC, known originally as Royal Rib House, was founded in the 1970s, before the city had real hardwood barbecue, reflecting traditions of the Carolinas. For the time it sufficed, turning out ribs, pulled pork, and chickens that derived smoky flavor and crisp exterior from a vertical rotisserie cabinet. The storied place closed in 2019, but has since reopened further east, offering a menu that also lists fried chicken and also seafood.

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