How to Design Effective Board Meetings

Board meetings are where important corporate decisions are made – from company policies to management appointments to financial control and crisis response. In these meetings, members present their perspectives and debate different ideas and ultimately guide the organization through the maze of business. The best boards design agendas that encourage constructive dialogue and yield results.

One of the most important aspects of a strong board meeting is providing adequate advance preparation materials to board members. It is difficult to conduct a successful meeting if participants have to rush around during the meeting to to read important documents, or worse, if materials are not accessible or were not delivered in time.

It is helpful to include a list of the topics to be discussed prior to the meeting to ensure that board members are well-prepared and can anticipate. This allows the chair to focus on the most important issues and avoid repeating the same topics that have been discussed previously.

It’s also a good idea to include a strategic planning component at the top of the agenda. This allows for a thorough examination to determine if the board’s strategy plan is still on track or if any gaps have to be addressed.

It’s an excellent idea to begin the meeting with an inspirational or motivational message that will re-energize the boardroom and set the stage for a productive dialogue. It could be as easy and straightforward as a story about the organization’s success or the recognition of individual staff members and the contributions of board members.

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