How Board Governance Software Improves Meetings and Governance

As companies grow and expand, so do their boards and the responsibilities they carry. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for board members to keep track of the planning of meetings using traditional tools such as email and file sharing apps or even binders of meeting notes and materials. Board governance software helps boards to communicate and collaborate with one other throughout the process, helping everyone stay efficient and organized, while ensuring that important information isn’t lost, or misplaced.

Before you choose a provider ensure that the platform has all the tools you require to improve the efficiency of meetings and governance. It’s also a good idea to look at the pricing mechanisms to ensure the solution you choose is affordable for your organization.

Board portals make it simple for board members to access their important documents

Centralize all documents, such as agendas, minutes of meetings and board books, in a single digital place. Replace internal servers to eliminate the need for private documents to be emailed back and forward.

Virtual Voting Allows Board Members the freedom to participate at any time

A dependable board management tool should allow members to participate in meetings regardless of availability. Virtual voting allows board members to get feedback from the board and take quick decisions. It’s also easier to cast votes in a non-public manner on sensitive issues which gives the members the confidence they’re able to express their opinions. This feature is especially helpful for smaller organizations in which some members might not be able to attend in person due to scheduling conflicts.

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