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Enables the creation of interactive and detailed reports including events, screenshots, tags, devices, authors, and any other relevant data. The framework reports tests in a table format, which makes it transparent and accessible to all stakeholders. Generates detailed reports with all required data in the context of specified test runs, histories, or functionalities. With all the rich features it has to offer, Katalon TestOps promises to help teams better their QA process and optimize results. Functionize is an intelligent automation tool that incorporates the power of AI/ML for self-healing and cloud scaling capabilities.

test reporting tools

By the end of this blog, you would be able to select the best reporting tool for Selenium-based on the language that is used for test case development. Often you come across situations where you need the test reports immediately, to either present it to someone or for some other purpose. In those situations, you can leverage the best reporting tool for Selenium to generate short & understandable test reports so that anyone from the team can quickly grasp the information. ReportNG is an HTML reporting tool built by TestNG testing framework. For its test reports, it uses a color-coding mechanism, making the report more readable and understandable.

BEST Test Management Tools (Jul 2023 Update)

This article explores different Selenium reporting tools preferred for web automation testing. There are no properly done tests without the test documentation. Throughout the test automation project, you need to understand the consequences of the given test run.

  • This popular unit testing framework is inspired by JUnit and NUnit.
  • Additionally, they can now share real-time test execution data within the team with just a click of a button.
  • If your tool is not listed, they also have an API guide to create your custom integration.
  • Traditionally, a test report was compiled and summarized (using spreadsheets!) as one of the final stages of a waterfall development process.
  • Extent Reports, created by Anshoo Arora, is a configurable HTML report that can be integrated into Selenium WebDriver utilizing the JUnit and TestNG frameworks.
  • Based on Python and supportive of the BDD approach, Robot is often leveraged for unit testing and acceptance testing.
  • One of the specific features of Allure is to be able to link to user stories or epic defined in Behavior-Driven Development tools.

In this blog, we have listed the top 6 best open source test reporting tools which are generally utilized via automation testing networks across the globe. You can also share the execution results in multiple test automation reporting formats like HTML, email, and with a shareable link. JUnit is a popular open-source unit testing tool that is used by Java developers Hence, JUnit’s reporting feature automatically becomes one of the best reporting tools for Selenium and Java.

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The JUnit publisher plugin can be used with FreeStyle projects and Jenkins Pipeline. If you are using Jenkins for Continuous Integration and looking for a plugin that can test reporting be used to publish simple HTML reports, you should go for the HTML Publisher plugin. Also, you can use it for adding HTML-formatted code coverage reports to the builds.

test reporting tools

While off-the-shelf generative AI–based tools know a lot about coding, they won’t know the specific needs of a given project and organization. It is a consolidated document of the summary of all the testing activities. Developers and automation testers prefer the pytest-html plugin with PyTest to generate test automation reports with minimal complications. Though the information provided in the report is basic, it makes the task of decoding the output easier. It is one of the best reporting tools for Selenium with PyTest, as it is easy to get started with PyTest report generation using pytest-html. TestNG is a popular unit testing framework that comes with a default reporting feature.

Test Reporting for Continuous Testing

Allure is a popular open-source framework for creating testing reports. It is flexible, lightweight, and is compatible with numerous programming languages and test automation tools. We have already studied the need of test reporting, the information the test report should contain, and the challenges the QA team comes across. Is yet another open-source library used to generate test reports and works with a range of testing languages such as Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, and Scala.

The platform is primarily designed for unit testing, but you can also write acceptance and integration tests, as well as create reports on their results. ReportNG is a plug-in for generating HTML reports for the TestNG framework. Using the tool, you can generate reports in an understandable format, which cannot be said about the data provided by the TestNG reporting tool. Here are the 19 best test reporting tools to help you understand how a digital product is ready for release and whether it meets the initial requirements. While some IT organizations create test reports that are upwards of 20 pages, the document length is subjective. The overall goal of the test report summary is to record the actions and results of a test.

The Top 3 Automation Testing Tools (2023 Edition)

Out of these, you can choose the template that matches your requirements and customize the sections per your project’s nature. The report acts as a justification for all the efforts of the testing team. After going through the report, the testing team can learn and apply learnings in the future to make testing even more effective. As the Robot framework is used for Keyword Driven Testing, you need to follow the same format in the reports. The Community Edition does not support integration with CI/CD tools.

JReport is a reporting tool that offers reports, dashboards, and data analytics within the content of your software. The tool gives users the ability to construct reports on the fly without the need to be database experts. A test execution report provides information about the status and progress of the testing effort. It includes the overall quality of the software application and the progress of the test execution against the planned process. Continuous quality cloud testing platforms like LambdaTest have made test reporting much easier.

Understandable Data

The team notes suggestions or recommendations while keeping the pertinent stakeholders in mind. These suggestions and recommendations serve as guidance during the next testing cycle. The defects the team detected during the specific test cycle based on impact and severity. A summary of all the steps the team has implemented in the test cycle. The Revision History consists of information such as the date on which the team created the Test report, the date of the previous update, and the updated sections.

test reporting tools

After the software application passes the smoke testing, the testing team gets the confirmation to continue with the next type of testing. In every test cycle, the team plans and runs specific test cases. For each test cycle, the team uses a different software application build. The motive for doing so is that the team expects the software application to stabilize as it passes through the various test cycles. In the case of larger organizations, the above sections of a test report are inadequate.

Test Analytics

Then she asked the third-graders to share the tutoring bot’s answer. Justifies how much effort the QA team has put to provide the report. All information in the test report should be short and clearly understandable.

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